How long will my firearm or shotgun certificate last?

Whether your certificate relates to a firearm or a shotgun, it will usually last for a period of 5 years commencing from the date that the certificate was issued.

Can a past conviction have any affect on my certificate?

The Chief Officer of Police must be satisfied that you do not pose a danger to public safety or to the peace.

If you have served a prison sentence exceeding 3 months (even if it is suspended) you will be prohibited from holding a certificate for a period of 5 years beginning from the date the sentence ends.

If you have served a prison sentence exceeding 3 years you will be prohibited for life.

You can appeal against the prohibition to the Crown Court and we can assist with this.

Any offences, police call outs, warnings, arrests, interviews under caution and anti social behaviour can be taken into account when considering intemperate habits.

Particular attention will be paid to incidents of domestic violence, dishonesty offences and any offence involving a firearm.

Medical records will be considered in fine detail. Mental health issues, physical ailments and memory loss can be considered as factors likely to lead to a refusal / revocation.

Can a certificate be refused or revoked?

A firearm certificate may be refused by the Chief Officer of Police under UK legislation if he believes that:

  • You possession of a firearm might cause danger to public safety or the peace;
  • You are of unsound mind;
  • You are unfit to be entrusted with a firearm;
  • You do not have a good reason to own a firearm;
  • You are physically unable to safely own / discharge a firearm;
  • Your security arrangements are not adequate;
  • You associate with known criminals;
  • You have perpetrated any kind of domestic violence;

Is it possible for another individual to transport my firearm?

An individual cannot transport your firearm unless they themselves hold a certificate for that specific firearm.

If my certificate has been revoked and the Police refuse to change their position is there anything I can do?

If you have had your certificate revoked you can lodge an appeal against the decision, this appeal must be filed with the Crown Court within 21 days.

Any appeal must be made in accordance with section 44 of the Firearms Act 1968; this is a complex and specialised area of law.

If you are considering appealing a decision made by the Police, do not hesitate to contact our Regulatory Law Department on 0113 284 5062. The head of our Regulatory Law Department, Ian Anderson, will help to ensure that your appeal is presented in a clear and concise manner and will be able to represent you at your appeal.