• Buying and Selling Flats

Buying and Selling Flats

We understand the intricacies of leasehold property, and we know how to deal with any issues that arise.  Our team has substantial experience in dealing with leasehold conveyancing, and we provide an accurate and thorough service, including:


  • We check the lease, fully advising you as to the remaining term and any action which may need to be taken in respect of this;
  • Advising you as to the terms of the lease, including any restrictions this places upon your occupation of the property;
  • Explaining the position in relation to service charge and ground rent;
  • Checking the title to the property;
  • Issuing enquiries and preparing a full property report


  • Preparing draft contracts and issuing these, plus all supporting documentation, to your buyer’s solicitor;
  • Liaising with you as to any apportionments of service charge and ground rent;
  • Carrying out the exchange of contracts and obtaining mortgage redemption figures;
  • Redeeming any mortgages in force, and sending you any balance monies as applicable;
  • Dealing with the necessary Notices (for example to the Landlord)

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