Refused a Firearm or Shotgun License? We Can Help

The decision to grant a firearm or shotgun certificate lies in the hands of the Police. The standards applied by the Police when considering an application for a certificate can vary between Police forces throughout the United Kingdom. This is due to the fact that there is currently an absence of a centralised public body governing application decisions.

If you have been refused a certificate, the Chief Officer of Police should provide you with the reasoning behind the Police’s refusal to grant a certificate, you also have the right to appeal against the Police’s decision. Your appeal will be heard in the Crown Court. Ian Anderson has conducted a number of shotgun and firearms licensing appeals in the Crown Court as a Higher Courts Advocate. As such, Ison Harrison will not duplicate costs by instructing a barrister.

The Home Office released guidance in March 2015 in order to clarify the position of the legislation surrounding license applications for firearms or shotguns and to highlight the tests and standards that should be applied if there is a refusal of an application.

It is possible that the Police’s decision conflicts with the standard practice guidance issued by the Home Office and Ison Harrison are here to advise you of your prospects of successfully appealing the Police’s decision.

If you have any questions or queries relating to the refusal to grant a firearm or shotgun license you can contact Ian Anderson on 0113 284 5062.