Expert Regulatory Law Advice on Taxi Licensing

If the local authority or the Public Carriage Office (the “PCO”) become aware of circumstances which cause them concern during an application, a renewal, or during the term of a private hire vehicle license or a hackney carriage license, it is possible that an investigation by the PCO or your local authority will be carried out. For example, if the local authority are informed about a driver ‘plying for hire’ or receiving points on their licence, they will investigate.

Following the conclusion of any investigation, you could face disciplinary action or your suitability to hold a license could be determined by a panel known as a committee or sub-committee.

If a committee hearing is to be held you should be notified that a hearing is due to take place and should be provided with the date, time and location of the hearing. When conducting a hearing, the committee must follow guidance when considering an individual’s case brought before them.

To ensure that you obtain the best possible outcome, it is important that you are represented at any disciplinary or committee hearings. We are able to provide representation at disciplinary and committee hearings and our experienced team of regulatory lawyers will be able to provide you both advice and representation at a disciplinary or a committee hearing.

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