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Graham Roberts

0113 284 5141

Location: Leeds City Centre


  • Personal Injury
  • Industrial Disease

Graham is a Solicitor within our Personal Injury team.

Graham has specialised in Personal Injury work for the past 18 years, recovering substantial damages (including a number of high value cases) for clients across West Yorkshire, Lancashire and beyond.

In recent years, Graham has specialised in dealing with claims which involve catastrophic injuries, fatalities, brain injuries, Noise Induced Hearing Loss and child abuse . He is a member of ACAL (The Association of Child Abuse Lawyers) who have a special interest in representing some of the most vulnerable members of society. As such he is affiliated with a number of different charities who concentrate on helping the victims of rape and abuse. He is known for his compassionate yet no nonsense approach to his work.

Graham is available to provide free no commitment advice on 01484 508 687.

  • Case Study- Mr C

    Graham recently successfully completed a case for Mr C, whom was involved in an explosion at work. As well as the brain damage suffered, Mr C also suffered severe spinal injuries which necessitated the insertion of a titanium rod into his back. Mr C will now be paid compensation for the rest of his life via periodical payments. It has been determined that in his lifetime he will recover in the region of £10 million in compensation for his injuries, losses and for professional care and rehabilitation.

  • Case Study- Miss D and Mr D

    Miss D and Mr D ‘s mother could not look after her children appropriately, therefore  in the 70's the two children were placed by the Local Authority into Foster Care.

    From the ages of 11 to 16 both of the children were sexually abused by their foster father. The children suffered psychologically as a result of the abuse.

    They both went onto have families of their own and buried the effects of the abuse however neither got over the abuse.

    Later in life the effects of psychological abuse rose to the surface. In her 50’s Miss D had a breakdown, became alcohol dependent and attempted suicide. She eventually disclosed to her daughter. Mr D subsequently disclosed that he had also been abused by the foster father.

    Both went to the police and although the report had been made over 40 years later the foster parent was arrested, convicted and died in prison.

    Graham Roberts comments:

    I brought Claims for both of the Claimants. CICA claims were entered but put on hold pending a claim against the Local Authority. The claim against the assailant himself was discontinued once he had died and it became obvious he had no assets himself to claim against.

    The substantive claims against the local authority were put on hold for one year until the decision in Armes (Appellant) v Nottinghamshire County Council (Respondent) 2017 was provided; which determined that Local Authorities could be held vicariously liable for the action of Foster Parents. On this basis the claim proceeded against the Local Authority.

    Miss D’s claim included claims for the actual assaults themselves, loss of earnings suffered as a result of her psychological injuries, loss of future earnings, support, care and nursing, the cost of EMDR Treatment, travel expenses and wasted expenses on alcohol and settled in the sum of £100,000.00.

    Mr D suffered a stroke some 20 years after leaving the foster home so his losses were calculated up to the date of the stroke. His claim included claims for the assaults, loss of potential earnings and treatment and settled in the sum of £50,000.00.

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