Bribery Act Offences

When the Bribery Act 2010 came into force, it created a complicated statutory regime. Of key interest to businesses and employees are the following offences:-

  • Bribing another person, contrary to s.1;
  • Being bribed, contrary to s.2;
  • Failure by a commercial organisation to prevent bribery by persons ‘associated with them,’ contrary to s.7.

A person convicted of an offence under the Act can be imprisoned for up to 10 years, given an unlimited fine, or both. Commercial organisations can receive an unlimited fine.

Potentially, any person or company can be caught by the Act. Whilst the offences can clearly be committed in a commercial setting, the law is also designed to punish those attempting to influence those in power, e.g. in decision making by local authorities.

We can offer representation throughout the investigatory process, as well as in relation to court proceedings. We encourage companies and individuals not only to request assistance as soon as they think action will be taken, but to engage in pre-emptive measures. We can draft policies and procedures, deliver training, and provide general legal oversight.