The Construction Industry

The construction industry can be a dangerous environment in which to work. In turn, this can present further difficulties for employers and businesses working within it. Most construction environments consist of heavy machinery, plant machinery, equipment and tools.

There are overlapping duties with regard to health and safety on site. Depending upon the nature of the site, the Principal Contractor, the Principal Designer, the Site Manager or the SHEQ Controller could be liable for a breach. On smaller sites, the contractor, customer or any responsible individual could face prosecution.

Minimise Risk

If an incident takes place on your construction site, a thorough investigation will be carried out by the Health and Safety Executive in order to identify the cause of the incident, as well as any areas that may require immediate rectification. It is essential that in order to avoid penalty or prosecution, your business is able to demonstrate compliance, or best efforts, to minimise risk.

It is vital to have in place a proper health and safety file, risk assessment and induction procedure to minimise risk. A thorough review of your compliance procedures can ensure that you can provide a detailed and complete response to the investigating body.

Contact Us for Initial Advice

At Ison Harrison, we can defend you if you are prosecuted by the HSE or local authority. Our team will deal with your case in an efficient and timely manner and will ensure that you are fully aware of all the matters at hand. If you would like some initial advice our team can be contacted on 0113 284 5062 or by e-mail.