Expert Advice on Transport & Public Enquiries

In the UK, there are a number of designated Traffic Commissioners. On occasion, the Commissioners will convene a public enquiry. This is usually because:-

  • They have concerns about the operation of a transport business, and are considering whether regulatory action against it is required, or
  • They feel one is necessary to determine a licence application

Inquiries are somewhat like court hearings, in that the parties will be represented by lawyers and witnesses can give evidence, which is tested within the confines of the inquiry. Inquiries are very important, as adverse findings can effectively put a company out of business.

Operator’s Licence holders and their transport managers must hold what is referred to as ‘good repute.’ This effectively means that they must have high levels of professional competence. Additionally, the presence of criminal convictions on the part of the operator, its directors and its employees can also be a decisive factor.

If a company loses its good repute, its licence must be revoked. This is what essentially makes it impossible for the company to continue trading.

Transport Managers can also lose their good repute. Their existence in the role can become untenable which can clearly cause significant problems for them and for the company.

The Commissioner will take into account the state of affairs leading up to the public inquiry and examine what has happened very closely.

Our service includes full assistance with preparation- this includes drafting witness evidence and instructing experts as required. When it comes to the Enquiry itself, we can ably present your case and make representations on your behalf. If appropriate, we have access to eminent barristers to assist in this respect.

Please contact the Regulatory department for a friendly, confidential initial chat. We can explain the process further and discuss exactly how we can help. Please speak to Ian Anderson on 0113 284 5062 or Amber Walker on 0113 284 5042 today.