Help For Dealing With HSE and Local Authority Investigations

The Health and Safety Executive

The HSE conduct routine inspections of businesses within the United Kingdom in order to ensure that health and safety legislation is being adhered to. The HSE or local authority will also conduct investigations into allegations relating to a breach of health and safety legislation.

Implications of an Investigation

An investigation by the HSE could lead to enforcement action being taken against you or your business. The range of enforcement options available to the HSE ranges from the provision of advice to the commencement of prosecution proceedings. If you avoid formal action being taken against you, you may still be forced to pay the costs incurred by the HSE when conducting its investigation. This can result in the payment of large sums for relatively minor offences.

If you are to be investigated by the HSE, it is crucial that you seek legal advice from an expert solicitor as soon as possible. Keep in mind that the earlier you speak to a solicitor, the more likely you are to achieve the best possible outcome.

Wealth of Experience

The Head of our Regulatory Law Department, Ian Anderson, has experience of  dealing with the HSE and of negotiating with them on behalf of clients. Ian has provided compliance advice to the board of a large construction company on the Construction Design Management Regulations 2015 and the sentencing guidelines for health and safety prosecutions.

Ian offers tailored advice and will ensure that your case runs smoothly whilst advising you throughout.

Please contact Ian on 0113 284 5062 to arrange a confidential, no obligation discussion.