Charities Commission Investigations

All charities in England and Wales are regulated by the Charities Commission. Where there is alleged misconduct or mismanagement, or contravention of applicable laws, the Commission can step in and exercise its significant powers.

Under s.46 of the Charities Act 2011, it can conduct an inquiry where it thinks that a matter is of the utmost significance. As part of this process it can take a number of steps, including requesting statements as well as obtaining a warrant to enable the seizure of documents and electronic devices.

Even if the Commission does not think that a s.46 inquiry is necessary at a particular stage, it can take important steps in its function as a regulator. These include issuing official warnings, advice and guidance. It can also disqualify individuals from acting as trustees.

The Commission may report their concerns and findings to the Police, which mean that a criminal investigation (in relation to offences including Fraud) can follow- with prosecution a possibility.

We deal with all aspects of Charity Commission cases, including appeals and reviews. They are complex and technical in their nature and our Regulatory experts are able to deal with matters straightforwardly and skilfully.