Had a cycling accident recently?

Unlike a car, a bicycle provides no protection in the event of an accident so it is up to the rider to be appropriately dressed and with good visibility. The most important safety item is a cycling helmet which according to leading authorities should be worn at all times when bicycling, especially by children.

A cyclist who is involved in an accident may suffer a range of injuries from bruises and scratches, fracture, head injury and concussion. In severe cases the injuries may be life-threatening or fatal.

The statistics speak for themselves with over 120 cycling fatalities, 3100 serious injuries and over 19,000 cycling accidents in the UK each year.

Common Cycling Accidents

The most common types of cycling accidents:

At a T-junction when a motorist failed to notice the cyclist. At a roundabout when choosing a lane. Near Traffic lights or Crossings. Cyclists joining the road from pavement. Vehicle or cyclist changing direction. How can we help you following a cycling accident?

If you have received injuries whilst cycling, we will fully investigate your case. If you believe your injuries are as a result of negligence of others, we can help. Even if you are not sure who is to blame we are happy to discuss in complete confidence.

We will endeavour to get you back cycling as soon as possible, which may mean rehabilitation and other treatments.

Bicycles and equipment tend to be a lot more expensive nowadays and we will ensure that all losses are taken into account for both you and your equipment.

Talk to us, and let’s get you back on your bike.