Claims for Pleural Thickening

The number of reported cases of diffuse pleural thickening is increasing each year. The condition is a prescribed industrial disease and that means not only is it possible to make a claim for personal injury but you may also apply for benefit under the industrial injuries disablement scheme. We can help you with both.

Exposure to asbestos can result in a range of medical conditions developing many years later.

Pleural thickening or diffuse pleural thickening as it is more formally called is not considered life-threatening, however its existence may create concern that a more sinister form of asbestos related illness lies in wait.

The condition develops following breathing in asbestos fibres. Although similar to pleural plaques, pleural thickening is more serious in that more of the lungs are affected.

Symptoms of the condition include: Shortness of breath, tightness across the chest, and chest pain particularly following physical exertion.

How can we help following diagnosis of pleural thickening?

We have helped many clients successfully claim compensation for work related injury and are proud of the recommendations we receive highlighting our client dedication and friendly.

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