Motorcycle Accidents

Road accidents involving motorcyclists result in some of the most severe types of injury. If you have been unfortunate to be affected by a motorbike injury it may not be the first thing on your mind to seek legal advice.

However by choosing an experienced firm like Ison Harrison to deal with your claim for compensation will ensure that you receive the appropriate amount of compensation of your injuries in the quickest possible time frame,

What sets us apart from other solicitors is the significance we place on your injuries and the effect that they could have on your future health and ability to work.

Gareth, a keen motorcyclist himself has represented many clients injured in motor cycle accidents and is very much aware of the prejudice motorcyclist’s face even when they have been in an accident through no fault of their own.

Gareth is able to confidently stand up for motorcyclist whom find themselves in this position.

One of the most common types of injury comes as a result of a driver failing to see the motorcyclist and pulling out into the path of the rider. There are many instances whereby a driver says that the rider was speeding, however in our experience this defence often fails because one person’s perception of speed is different to another. We believe that each incident should be investigated individually without any prejudice against the motorcyclist and any unsupported allegation of speed.

Motorcycle accidents can prove expensive with increasing numbers of bikes and motorcycling equipment being of high value. Our team are clear on the lasting and financial impact accidents have on a motorcyclists.

If you have been affected by an injury from a motorcycle accident you can discuss the incident in confidence with Gareth Naylor or a member of the Personal Injury team.

Below are details of cases where Ison Harrison have assisted clients who have suffered life changing injuries due to personal injury.

  • Mr H - Settlement in the sum of £275,000.00

    Mr H, a motorcyclist, aged 36, was travelling to work when a vehicle failed to give way and pulled out from a petrol station forecourt into his path. Mr H sustained a significant fracture of his right femur, fractures of both wrists and abdominal injuries which resulted in a significant period of rehabilitation and absence from work.

    Surveillance footage was obtained and medical evidence was contested, legal proceedings were issued and the case settled out of Court in the sum of £275,000.00.

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