Expert Financial Services Advice

As can be imagined this is a vast area, with an abundance of laws, rules and regulations. Businesses and individuals engaged in the financial sector now face significant regulation- and severe penalties when breaches take place.

Under the Financial Services Act, making efforts to manipulate financial markets were criminalised. The following are key offences under the Act:

  • Misleading statements (i.e. making a statement, or concealing facts, with the intention of causing another person to enter into an agreement or to exercise their rights in relation to a ‘relevant investment;’
  • Misleading impressions (i.e. creating a false impression as to the price or value of an investment, with the intention of causing another person to acquire/dispose of such investments, or to refrain from doing so);

Upon conviction in a Magistrates’ Court, a person can be imprisoned for up to six months, given an unlimited fine, or both. If dealt with by a Crown Court, the penalties are even steeper- a custodial sentence of up to seven years, an unlimited fine, or both.

We offer a comprehensive service, including advice from the earliest possible stage. Our experienced team defend both companies and individuals in the strongest terms.

Our team also offers specialist assistance in relation to any professional misconduct proceedings which may arise from such investigations. We appreciate that the repercussions may not stop with a court decision- reputational damage can also be hugely important.