Gangmaster Licensing Authority

The GLA was established in 2005, after the disaster in Morecambe, where 23 illegal immigrant labourers were drowned at sea whilst cockle picking in 2004. 

The Gangmaster Licensing Authority aims to protect workers in the labour sector, regulating businesses that provide workers to the horticulture and fresh produce supply chain industry. The GLA aims to protect vulnerable workers from exploitation; ensuring workers receive adequate and fair pay, benefits and conditions, and treatment. 

The licensing scheme is strict for businesses and individuals who provide workers to forestry, shellfish, horticulture, agriculture, and food and drink processing and packaging. Whether you are an employment agency, labour provider or gangmaster who provides workers to any of the following sector you must obtain a GLA license. If you use labour in any of the following sectors, you must ensure the provider is licensed. 

Such businesses are commonly subjected to GLA inspections; therefore it is vital that your business complies with the strict regulations. These regulations apply to all areas: workers, health and safety, pay, transport, training, and accommodation. 

At Ison Harrison, we regularly deal with prosecutions from the GLA. We can aid your response when dealing with the GLA, and handle appeals. For confidential advice and assistance please call 0113 284 5062.

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