Child Abuse

Child abuse of any type has profound effects on all aspects of your adult life, both physically and emotionally.

If you were abused as a child, there are procedures and support systems available to you.

There are invaluable facilities one can obtain through the NHS and Social Services however such facilities are very much oversubscribed and often mean a long period on a waiting list before treatment, support and facilities can be accessed.

We have found that for the victims of abuse to ever be able to effectively be able to deal with the torture of what they have been physically and emotionally since their abuse it is vital that they receive the treatment, support and facilities that are available out there.

Claiming compensation for the abuse you have suffered not only empowers you as a victim, but provides a platform for healing. It means enabling you to claim for the funds allowing you to:

Obtain financial compensation in relation to the abuse and mental health conditions suffered as a result of that abuse;

  • Access to doctors, specialist psychotherapists, psychiatrists and psychologists beyond limited NHS resources;
  • Access to specialist emotional and outreach support, as well as medical support;
  • Obtain compensation for your loss of opportunity of potential earnings due to any mental health condition suffered as a result of the abuse.

Bringing the claim can also act as a perpetuator to justice, preventing other potential victims from being abused. Your action could encourage other victims of abuse to come forward

Abuse can vary from sexual, physical, and psychological, to neglect:

  • Sexual abuse:  Rape, assault, any unwanted sexual behaviour, or force to perform acts
  • Physical abuse: Physical injuries or punishments, or being restrained unnecessarily
  • Psychological abuse: Fear of injury, emotional trauma associated with threatening behaviour, intimidation, insulting or humiliating behaviour
  • Neglect: Failure to provide protection from harm, failure to provide adequate food, water, heating, housing or access to medical care

You can claim against individuals or organisations in such cases. For instance, individuals can be family members, relatives, foster parents or family friends. Organisations can include hospitals, community groups, schools,  local authorities or religious organisations.

Many victims take years to fully understand and acknowledge the events which took place, and do not come forward until years after the abuse has taken place. Even if abuse happened years ago, you will still be able to claim compensation.

Usually, there are time limits to such claims for compensation. However in child abuse cases, it is recognised that many factors prevent individuals from coming forward for years. Child abuse claimants are usually given greater leniency with the time limits to bring claims forward.

The nature of such claims needs expertise knowledge, sensitivity and confidentiality. Whatever the circumstances may be, it is advised that you seek legal advice, to learn of the next best steps. It is very difficult to make the first point of contact. But doing so may enable you to gain answers and the tools to move forward with life without the constant daily battle of wading through the past.

Remember everything is confidential and you can bring your claim through the court with your name anonymised. No one else ever has to know unless you want this as part of the healing process.

All cases are dealt with on a No Win No Fee basis, so it costs you nothing to explore seeking justice for what you have endured and then suffered in the years following

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