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Supporting Each Other: Ison Harrison & The Erb’s Palsy Group

As part of Erb’s Palsy Awareness Week 2020, our Head of Clinical Negligence, James Thompson, talks about his longstanding relationship with the Erb’s Palsy Group. How did you get involved with the EPG? I was lucky enough to have been trained by Cathie Delaney who is a specialist clinical negligence solicitor and former Midwife when…

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What Is Erb’s Palsy? Infographic

To support Erb’s Palsy Awareness Week 2020, we have created this infographic detailing the key facts about Erb’s Palsy.

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Maternity Care In England

In 2015 the Secretary of State asked the Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch (HSIB) to investigate and improve maternity safety across England.  The HSIB aims to half the rates of stillbirths, neonatal and maternal deaths, and brain injuries that occur soon after birth, by 2025. It will make national safety recommendations for the whole health service….

Kim Hawksby

Q&A with Kim Hawksby for Erb’s Palsy Awareness Week 2019

This week we have interviewed Kim Hawksby, an Erb’s Palsy sufferer who is an Occupational Therapist. Q1: What is your experience of having Erb’s Palsy? When I was born my shoulder got stuck on my mum’s pelvis (shoulder dystocia). The medical team did not know how to manage this birth emergency and instead of carrying…

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Q&A with Jordan for Erb’s Palsy Awareness Week 2019

For Erb’s Palsy Awareness Week 2019, we have interviewed Jordan Barnsdall, a young man living with Erb’s Palsy. Can you tell us a bit about yourself? I am Jordan Barnsdall, 21 years old, I live and work in Sheffield. I had a difficult birth as I was a big baby – 9lb 12oz and suffered…

Karen Hillyer, Chair of the Erb’s Palsy Group

New Interview with Karen Hillyer, Chair of the Erb’s Palsy Group

We did a Q&A with Karen back in 2017 and we thought the Erb’s Palsy Awareness Week 2019 would be a good time to catch up with Karen again to see what the charity has been doing over the past two years. Karen has been involved in the Erb’s Palsy Group since 1993 when it was…

ERBS Palsy Awareness Week 2019

We’re Proud To Support Erb’s Palsy Awareness Week 2019

Ison Harrison has a long association with the Erb’s Palsy Group (EPG) and has worked tirelessly over the years to promote research work into Erb’s Palsy and support families and individuals with the condition. We are proud to have been identified and recommended as an Erb’s Palsy specialist solicitors by the EPG, and this has…

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Spire Leeds CQC Report Indicates Improvement In Care Needed

A report from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) dated 3 July 2019 has stated that Spire Leeds Hospital ‘requires improvement’ following their inspection on 11 December 2018. Spire Leeds is a private hospital and considered to be one of Yorkshire’s largest offering treatment of over 30 medical specialities. The hospital has facilities which include four…

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Delayed Diagnosis of Breast Cancer – Case Study

Clinical Negligence Successful Case Study: Mrs S noticed a lump in her right breast. The area around the lump was visibly indented, as though the lump was pulling the skin in towards her chest. She discussed her concerns with her husband who examined the lump and advised her to visit her GP. She held off…

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Ami Law feature :: College and University presentations

Ami Law is a solicitor in our Clinical Negligence department. She recently gave an insightful presentation to the midwifery students at the University of Central Lancashire. Ami was invited to give the presentation to complement their Law Module, which had prompted students to have concerns and anxiety about the prospects of being negligent. The purpose…