Birth/Neonatal Injury

The birth of a child is often considered as one of the happiest moments of your life, however this is not always the case and mothers, babies and family members can be left with physical and mental birth injuries.

There are a number of types of birth injury, some are temporary and others are permanent, lasting a lifetime. A few types of birth injury are:

Medical professionals have a duty of care and sometimes the standard of the care is so poor, it is negligent and it results in injury. Poor care can lead to devastating, life changing injuries and it’s at this point that patients should consider legal action.

How We Can Help

The Clinical Negligence team at Ison Harrison will listen to your story and deal with your enquiry in a sensitive manner.  If we believe that there are sufficient prospects to pursue a claim we will guide you through the process and ensure that you get the compensation you deserve to enable you to obtain support and assistance when you need it the most.

You can contact a member of the team for free advice on 0113 284 5745 or email

Below are details of a number of cases where Ison Harrison have assisted clients who have suffered life changing injuries due to clinical negligence.

  • Case Report 1

    Our Clinical Negligence team recently secured a settlement figure of £2.7m following a legal case that started in 2007 surrounding a baby's catastrophic and irreversible brain damage after it developed jaundice. The Doctors failed to treat it promptly and the after effects resulted in severe cerebral palsy, deafness, limited version, the inability to speak and loss of function in the limbs. 

    The Ison Harrison legal team, consisting of Iain Oliver and Geraldine Kane, secured a Lump Sum of £2.7m for the baby, annual payments of £211,000 until she is 19 years old, which then rises to £264,000 up to the age of 21 and £281,000 thereafter for the rest of her life.

    Do you need to make a clinical negligence claim? Call us on 0113 284 5745 or email

  • Case Report 2

    In 2014, our Personal Injury partner Iain Oliver secured a financial settlement which amounted to over £6.7m for a Leeds-based client that had pursued a claim for clinical negligence.

    The claimant developed cerebral palsy following her birth at Leeds Teaching Hospital, where she was administered excessive quantities of fluid. Her disabilities include the inability to walk unaided, behavioural difficulties and incontinence.

    Iain Oliver secured a settlement of £3,450,000 for his client, with the addition of future payments to cover nursing care, amounting to approximately £3,250,000.

    If you need legal advice and would like to make a claim, please call 0113 284 5745 or email

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