Nursing Home Claims

Nursing homes provide residential care for patients who need continual nursing care and are no longer able to be cared for in their own homes. Residents include the elderly along with younger adults with physical or mental disabilities.

All such residents are vulnerable as they cannot meet their needs alone and are reliant upon nursing staff and carers.

Despite this reliance, for reasons such as of poor management, under staffing or inadequately trained staff, residents in nursing homes often suffer with problems including:

- Development and/or mismanagement of bed sores (known as pressure ulcers)

- Delays in referral to GP’s, Tissue Viability Nurses or hospital

- Malnutrition

- Dehydration

- Medication errors

- Falls due to inadequate risk assessments

- Poor management of infections

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  • Case Report

    Rebecca Woods, Solicitor in the Clinical Negligence department negotiated a £30,000 compensation settlement for the family of Mrs B after she died in a nursing home due to a number of these problems.

    Mrs B had been admitted for respite care having broken her hip after a fall at home. Unfortunately, inadequate risk assessments were carried out in the nursing home and she suffered further falls and fractured her other hip. Her mobility was then restricted and she became bedbound. As a result of further failures in care, Mrs B became dehydrated and malnourished, and developed multiple pressure sores. The most serious of these pressure sores was a sacral sore which deteriorated to grade 4 and became infected. Despite aggressive intervention, due to delays in referral to Tissue Viability Nurses, the infection spread, causing her death.

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