Orthopaedic surgery refers to operations on the bones, muscles and joints of the human body. Such surgery can include joint reconstruction, back and spine surgery, treatment of musculoskeletal cancer and surgical sports medicine.

How do orthopaedic negligence claims occur?

The vast majority of surgery is carried out successfully, but orthopaedic negligence claims do occur. These  can stem from the failure to diagnose and treat fractures to various bones, often because no x-rays were taken, or they were misinterpreted.

If there is a delay in diagnosis, the patient might require surgery or the bones might heal in the wrong place. Sometimes more complicated surgery is needed as a result of the delay, and the outcome often leaves the patient with a permanent disability. If the fracture is to the spine, this can have devastating consequences such as nerve damage or paralysis. Delays to orthopaedic treatment can also increase the likelihood of developing arthritis and other complications.

A common list of the reasons for orthopaedic malpractice claims therefore covers a wide variety of errors and negligence, which includes the issues noted above, but also:

  • Problems arising during hip, knee or elbow replacement
  • Lack of or insufficient consent to surgery
  • Post-operative infection
  • Equipment malfunction
  • Nerve damage
  • Incorrect size of prosthesis  

Our team of orthopaedic surgery claims solicitors

In all such cases you are entitled to seek compensation for the stress, discomfort and expense you have experienced. Our team of specialist clinical negligence solicitors have expertise in dealing with orthopaedic malpractice claims including missed ankle fractures, scaphoid fractures, vertebral/neck fractures, tendon damage and carpal tunnel surgery. 

Our clinical negligence department is headed by James Thompson, and together, our team has unrivalled knowledge of the area of orthopaedic negligence claims, which added to our client care values, professional processes and free initial advice/consultation means we are the people you need to be speaking to about your orthopaedic surgery claims today.

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