Orthopaedic issues often stem from the failure to diagnose and treat fractures to various bones. This can be because no x-rays were taken, or they were misinterpreted. If left too long, the patient might require surgery or the bones might heal in the wrong place. If the fracture is to the spine, this can have devastating consequences such as nerve damage or paralysis. Delays to orthopaedic treatment can increase the likelihood of developing arthritis and other complications. Sometimes there are delays in diagnosing tendon injuries which might require immediate surgery. If the injury is missed, more complicated surgery is needed and the outcome is often poor leaving patients with a permanent disability.

Our team of specialists clinical negligence solicitors have experience of dealing with orthopaedic claims. We have handled a range of cases including: missed ankle fractures; scaphoid fractures; vertebral/neck fractures; tendon damage and carpal tunnel surgery. 

If you or someone close to you has had an orthopaedic injury, do not hesitate to contact our Clinical Negligence Department on 0113 284 5745.

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