• Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Security for Your Work and Business

As businesses look to find a new competitive edge in the marketplace, protecting the rights that you already have or are planning to include in your business becomes crucial. Your brand and the work you create are important to you and the success of your business. 

Our intellectual property advice can help protect those rights you have worked so hard to achieve.

About Our Service

At Ison Harrison we have developed a way of working with our commercial clients which is focused on their business' individual needs. We deal with individuals within the business and not just the business as an entity so the service is personal. We never make assumptions; we listen to you, work out your situation and then give advice. 

As part of the Company Commercial department, we have found that as a result of our size and approach, we find it easier to provide to our clients what they actually want.

Whilst able to advise and act on many types of intellectual property, we find ourselves particularly advising on:

  • Copyright Trade mark registrations 
  • Acquiring or assigning the rights in trade mark and patents 
  • Licensing agreements 
  • Assignment agreements 
  • Advising on database rights issues 
  • Confidential information 

Why You Should Choose Ison Harrison

Partner led advice and work – not just as a contact to complain to;

Client commitment and understanding - we make sure we thoroughly understand your business before advising on any intellectual property issue;

Expertise in law - Jonathan Robson is a well respected Partner with recognised industry experience. Jonathan offers honest and informed advice, tailored to each client's requirements;

Predictable and reasonable charges - We have structured costs and capped fees;

Good communication – We communicate by phone and email to give you regular procedure updates 

Contact Us:

Call 0113 284 5000 to discuss how we can help you and your business today.

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