A restrictive covenant is a legal agreement that limits the use of a property or restricts the activities of the property owner. They are typically used to protect the value of the building and the surrounding area. For example, a restrictive covenant might stop a tenant from running a business from their home or prevent them from having certain pets.

As a property investor or developer, restrictive covenants are vital if you wish to maintain the value of your asset. If someone has breached your covenant, then you must seek immediate legal advice to resolve the issue and protect your investment.

Our team will work on your behalf to find a swift resolution that resolves any breaches of a restrictive covenant, and ensure that you are reimbursed for any damage caused to the property’s value as a result.

Our expert team will:

  • Review and interpret restrictive covenants- We’ll ensure your restrictive covenants are clear, legally binding and enforceable before pursuing your case
  • Pursue legal action- If anyone has breached your restrictive covenant, whether that be a tenant or a neighbour, then we’ll work on your behalf to reverse the damage and seek financial compensation
  • Draft and negotiate new restrictive covenants- We’ll ensure that both your interests and the value of your investments are protected


Resolving Disputes Quickly and Effectively

The sooner a legal dispute is resolved, the sooner you can rectify any damages caused and increase the value of your property. We’ll act fast to ensure that your issue is resolved quickly and effectively and that any breaches are revered by the guilty party.

Whether you need a restrictive covenant created, or you need legal support regarding the breach of an existing one, we are here to help.


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