A service charge is paid to a landlord by a tenant or leaseholder. These charges are for services that the landlord has agreed to provide under the terms of the lease, like maintenance or repairs.

Despite what’s in the agreement, there are times when a tenant feels that a service charge is unjustified or excessive. On the other hand, the landlord may deem the cost as necessary, and it might be outlined in the lease.

When these disputes happen, it is important to get immediate legal advice so that you can try to maintain relationships. No landlord wants to lose a tenant, and tenants rarely enjoy moving out of a property, especially if it is for commercial purposes.

We will review lease agreements and landlord/tenant responsibilities to resolve your case quickly and efficiently. Our duty is to ensure that tenants do not pay a penny that they do not owe. Likewise, we ensure that landlords are reimbursed for any costs outlined within the terms of the lease.

Our Expert Team will:

  • Review your lease- We will examine your lease and lay out which service charges are covered within it
  • Negotiate between both parties- We will work with both landlords and tenants to find an amicable solution that leaves both parties in the correct financial situation
  • Challenge the service charges- If your service charge seems too high, the charged work has not been undertaken, or the work is completed to a poor standard, then we will challenge your landlord for their fee


Helping You Reach a Resolution

Whether you want confidential legal advice on a charge you deem to be unnecessary, or you’re in the middle of an already heated dispute, we are here to help.

We have over 40 years of experience and have seen countless disagreements over service charges. No matter what situation you’re in, we have the knowledge and experience in-house to help you reach a financially beneficial resolution.


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