• Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation

Straightforward, Tailored Litigation Service

When it comes to legal services what every business needs is practical, straightforward advice appropriate to the way it operates. This should not be forgotten when the business finds itself involved in some sort of dispute.

About Our Service

At Ison Harrison we have developed a way of working with our commercial clients which is focused on their individual needs.Our Commercial Litigation department has found that as a result of our size and attitude to clients we find it easier to provide to our clients what they actually want. By dealing with individuals in business as opposed to businesses as individual entities, we have found that we are successfully competing for work with national firms.

We forge long-term relationships with our clients so that we can be there for them and provide a professional service that adapts to the changes and developments within the business. We are often contacted by longstanding clients to provide commercial litigation after we have provided other services for them. They may ask for anything from property advice to employment advice.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Contractual Disputes 
  • Property disputes
  • Corporate and Shareholder disputes 
  • Claims against professional advisers 
  • Pension and Financial Services disputes 
  • Commercial / Business Injunctions 
  • Banking litigation 
  • Trust and Inheritance Disputes 

Why You Should Choose Ison Harrison

  • Partner-led advice and work- our dedicated team is guided by Jonathan Robson, an expert in his field;
  • Honest approach to working - honest and informed assessment of the merits of their businesses position;
  • Decisions based on facts - Commercial advice based on facts and law in order to assist in making a decision about the dispute;
  • Fair fees - Predictable and reasonable charges;
  • Good communication – by telephone and e-mail. We will keep you informed on case progress;
  • Expert knowledge available - we have the ability to call upon an experienced team of lawyers within the firm to assist if necessary;
  • Problem solving - experience of alternative dispute resolution.

Not all of our work is for businesses. However, we adopt the same commercial approach to individual disputes as for our business clients.

Contact Us

The head of the Commercial litigation department is Jonathan Robson. You can contact Jonathan at jonathan.robson@isonharrison.co.uk

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